A Tribute

“I’m going to meet my maker/A firm believer/Of spirit in music/There’s a prayer in a song”

Those lines from Failed Christian are Henry McCullough for me. Words as humble, heart worn and heavy as the man himself. ​

As a musician -and Henry was ALWAYS about being a musician- he was many things. He was an instinctive and intuitive guitarist with a tone all of his own and a songwriter and singer graced with a world weary soulfulness that could break your heart at a hundred paces.

He was also a decent human being who was proud of his North Coast roots and passionate about helping his fellow musicians in any way he could. He was also great company with a sense of humour drier than the Sahara at closing time. The local music scene is a much poorer place since he left us. ​

He was a proper rock and roll legend - OUR rock and roll legend - who walked the walk from Woodstock to Wings no less but through it all always kept his brothel creepers firmly on the ground. Imagine that. He was also a friend to me and to music lovers everywhere. That’s why it’s fitting the Atlantic Sessions 2016 is dedicated to the man and his music. Henry, we remember you. ​

Ralph McLean

Henry McCullough
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